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Hunter Valentine Live

Hunter Valentine Live at the Horseshoe Tavern. Photos: Renee Navarro. All photos © Queeriesmag

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Queer Beer Fest 2012

Photos by R. Jeanette Marin

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Toronto Pride pics 2012

All photos © R. Jeanette Martin

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‪Kristyn Dunnion interview‬.

QueeriesMag’s Liz Stembridge interviews queer author Kristyn Dunnion about her latest collection of stories, Dirt Chronicles.

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Vanessa Dunn Interview.

In this segment Liz Stembridge interviews Vanessa Dunn, one of the lovely stars of the hilarious Canadian web series B.J. Fletcher: Private Eye. Vanessa is also one of the amazing folks who run the Toronto queer hotspot Hen House, so of course we chat with her a bit about the Hen as well.

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S. Bear Bergman Interview.

In this segment FoQus’ Deb Pearce interviews award winning queer author S. Bear Bergman. They have a great little chat about Lambda Lit awards, becoming a writer and how to properly pronounce Kate Bornstein’s last name.

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Laura Terruso Interview.

QueeriesMag’s Liz Stembridge interviews Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same‘s producer Laura Terruso at this year’s Toronto InsideOut film fest (2011).

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Dinah Shore Weekend.

Queeriesmag follows Seeking Simone star Renée Olbert to the infamous Dinah Shore Weekend to watch her compete in One More Lesbian’s “Battle of the Lesbian Webseries”.

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Renée Olbert: The Dinah Zone

Queeriesmag follows Seeking Simone star Renée Olbert to the infamous Dinah Shore Weekend. In this first segment: The Dinah Zone – Renée takes us into a crazy sea of bikini-clad lesbians and lives to tell the tale.

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The Gemini red carpet

* photos by Suzy Malik