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Things & stuff, July 6th

Pink tells us the truth about love.

P!nk believes her new album, The Truth About Love will come out Sept 18th. I’m wondering what her new insight as a mother will bring to her music and to the topic of love.

How ’bout you? Are you excited for some new P!nk?


Chaz Bono cameo on Degrassi.

Chaz Bono

Chaz Bono and Jordan Todosey (Degrassi), photo by Stephen Scott

Chaz Bono has been in Toronto filming his guest appearance role on Degrassi. If you don’t already know, Adam, one of Degrassi’s main characters is trans.

When Bono talked to People Magazine about his appearance on the show he said, “Adam’s storyline on Degrassi is important to me because it means more transgender representation in the pop culture, and it also sends the message to trans teens that they are not alone in their struggles.”

Bono will be playing himself, and the episode is set to air in the fall.


Steel Magnolias’ Queen.

Ok so the Lifetime remake of Steel Magnolias will star my queen, Queen Latifah.

Queen Latifah

I’m both nervous and excited about this one. Steel Magnolias is a goodie and it will be hard to match it. How about you, will you check out this remake?


Anderson Cooper and Frank Ocean.

Might you allow me some rambling space in today’s blog?

Anderson Cooper Frank Ocean

Say what you will, I think it’s great Anderson Cooper came out. Even if for most of us he was coming out of a glass closet, being upfront and honest about who you are is brave and will continue to be, until it’s a non-issue. I’m of the Harvey Milk mindset that if every LGBTQ person took a deep breath and came out simultaneously, most homophobic people would discover they were surrounded by wonderful folks who also happen to be LGBTQ in some way. And that would be powerful. Since that isn’t likely to happen tomorrow, I’ll take these one-off announcements as they come.

I will say Frank Ocean confessing that his first love was a man is particularly exciting. Especially because he did so in such a vulnerable and human way. I think we’ve taken the homophobia present in some Hip Hop music and turned it into the notion that there is and will be no room in R&B or Hip Hop for queerness. This is the story the media tells us, it’s one we’ve told each other and I’m sure it’s one many artists have internalized – but we don’t have to accept this. I for one am thrilled that Ocean is willing to challenge this idea and offer a new narrative.

Today I’m giving the benefit of the doubt with fingers crossed, and if the initial response is any indication, good things are on the way. At the very least conversations have started and people can stop pretending that talented and successful queer R&B and Hip Hop artists don’t already exist.

What do you think? Were you underwhelmed by Cooper’s coming out? Do you think any other Hip Hop / R&B artists will follow Ocean’s lead?


Thanks for letting me share some thoughts on Cooper and Ocean today. May your weekend be full of sweet little love confessions.

I’ll end on this fun little JD Samson tweet:

JD Samson Tweet

Happy Friday!


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