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Things & stuff, June 29th

It’s Pride in my home town of TO, so lets just enjoy some fun, easy on the eyes stuff.

The Afterellen hot 100 is out!

It was a Glee heavy year on the Hot 100 this year, but some of my favourite canucks managed to represent well despite their non Glee status.

4 Tegan Quin
Tegan Quin

16 Zoie Palmer
Zoie Palmer

18 Anna Silk
Anna Silk

27 Sara Quinn
Sara Quin

36 Ellen Page
Ellen Page

58 Cobie Smulders
Cobie Smulders

69 Lisa Ray
Lisa Ray

Oh and, did I just miss them or did Christina Hendrick and Michelle Williams actually not make that list? That just seems impossible to me. Somebody tell me I’m wrong.

Christina Hendricks

Michelle Williams

Christina and Michelle you both have a life long spot on my list – for what that’s worth.

Who would have topped your list?


Ready for round 3?

Guilty pleasure queens – the Real L Word ladies are back and they have lots of teasers to make sure you know it!

Real L word

Hunter Valentine video featuring the Real L Word cast:

Season 3 sneak peek:

So, be honest, are you going to watch?


Take This Waltz in theatres.

Take This Waltz

For those of you looking to duck into a cool movie theatre, Sarah Polly’s Take This Waltz opens today. This film explores the waltz of love vs. the Cha Cha of lust, and it stars Michelle Williams, Seth Rogen, Sarah Silverman, and Luke Kirby.

I haven’t seen it yet, but I have much respect for Polly’s voice as a director and expect this one to be just as emotionally engaging as Away From Her was, so when Pride is over I have a date with this flick.

Here is the link to Tribute’s listing of times across Canada.


It’s Pride where I am this weekend, if you’re around the T-dot come enjoy the heat, check out the bands, say hi to all your ex-girlfriends and join me and thousands of other women at the Dyke March on Saturday. See you then!

Pride Riot

Happy Pride!


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