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Abstract art DIY style

An art project to get stuck on.

entrance way

I had a wall in my living room that needed something …

art written on wall

This is what it needed. Something cheap and cheerful would do the trick. So my partner and I took some sticky notes …

post it notes

started applying them on the wall in a random fashion and ended up with this – cheery art for under $20.00.

post it art - detail

post it art

It’s not permanent. Little notes have started to fall from it (and been pulled off, by little hands) so it’s constantly changing. It’s like having a new piece of art everyday.

post it art - side shot

In the end, there will just be lots of message pads around the house, a blank wall and a lovely memory.

Here is a time lapse video of it’s creation, yes our two cats helped:

Have some time and $20, why not imagine the kinds of things you could create with a few sticky notes and a blank wall?


  1. amy on Friday 1, 2012

    I love this project and the video was great, loved the cats. One totally disinterested and the other having to have a look!