Pics &
Things & stuff, May 18

It’s the long weekend, and since many of you will be busy cottaging or barbecuing or whatever other fun and relaxing stuff will take you through to Tuesday, I’ll keep it short and sweet.


Margaret or Kim?

margaret cho

Ummm . . . did any of you catch Margaret Cho playing Kim Jong-il on 30 Rock last night? How about the part where Kim says that Jenna and Liz should get together?

Madison Violet video

Brenley MacEachern and Lisa MacIsaac of Madison Violet have released a live performance video for their catchy tune “Come As You Are”:


Ani podcast

Ani DiFranco

In the mood for a little Ani DiFranco? Here is a recent Aux podcast where she reveals her love for our fine country.


Rakkatak’s Anita Katakkar

Local drummer Anita Katakkar, from Rakkatak, invited us into her home, talked to us about her music and gave our interviewer Liz a lesson in tabla.


New Lisa Ray photo shoot

Lisa Ray Torro shoot

Toro Magazine is featuring a lovely series of photos the beautiful Lisa Ray.


Out for blood?

The True Blood Season 5 trailer is up:


Zach Wahls & his two moms

Zach Wahls is the eloquent 19-year-old who stood up in that Iowa court room and talked about being raised by his two mothers. See what he’s up to now:


Joanna Johnson comes out

Joanna Johnson

Ah, life imitating art.Joanna Johnson, from the Bold and the Beautiful, has just come out, hot on the heels of her character doing the same.

The lovely folks over at Afterellen have a little write-up here if you’d like to know more.


The Newtown Girls season finale

And if The Newtown Girls was a cocktail it would be served with a twist!


The Perfect Family

If you’re Inside Out-ing this weekend, check out the new addition to the festival’s lineup, The Perfect Family. It’s screening tonight at 10pm.

The Perfect Family Emily Deschanel

Here is an image of Emily Deschanel kissing on-screen girlfriend Angelique Cabral.

Oh, and here is the trailer:

And if you’re looking for other Inside Out film suggestions, check out my quick-pick list.


Have an amazing weekend, enjoy the fine weather and the fine wine, women and song. Or is that just what I have planned?



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