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Things & stuff April 20/27th

After a little run as a Jury Trier I’m back for all your queer blog needs. So lets get caught up.

B.J. Fletcher finale.

The amazing cast and crew of B.J. Fletcher Private Eye have officially said goodbye with their latest and last episode. *Wipes tiny tear from eye.* The series finale is up.

What do you think? Did it all end as it should have?


Girl/Girl Scene Season 2 Teaser.

Tuck Williams

Tucky knows how to keep us in anticipation of Season 2:


The Peculiar Kind Episode 2.5.

The Peculiar Kind

The the talented and thought provoking folks over at The Peculiar Kind continue to spark conversation. Episdoe 2.5 tackles discrimination in the workplace.


The Newtown Girls Season 1 Episodes 6 & 7.

The Newtown Girls

The Newtown Girls are keeping up with their weekly episode releases and I don’t want you to miss an episode, so here are the most recent ones:


Sarah Silverman on gay marriage.

Sarah Silverman

I’ve always loved Sarah Silverman. In her interview with The Advocate, while talking about equality Silverman simply states, “Gay marriage, legal, with a big fucking apology for the past few years.”


A Butch choir?

Ivan Coyote

For those of you who have been hoping to be serenaded by a sea of gentlemen butches, this just might be the video for you. That’s right, wordsmith Ivan Coyote picks up a small guitar and starts a musical bromance, otherwise known as Leadfoot the butch choir.


Alison Bechdel queer mixer.

Alison Bechdel

Yes it’s true, I’m in official Bechdel count down to mode. TCAF has just announced that graphic novelist Alison Bechdel will be part of it’s evening Queer Mixer event this year. Which is very exciting news to Bechdel fans who might enjoy seeing her in a more casual setting while mixing with other cool queer comic book geeks.


Hot feminist queercore docs.

Fifth Column

Kevin Hegge’s new documentary, She Said Boom: The Story of Fifth Column makes it’s world premier tonight at Toronto’s Hot Docs film festival. It’s a great doc about the history of Fifth Column, a super influential feminist, Canadian, queercore band from the 80′s.

If you haven’t had a chance to read Kay Pettigrew’s review you can check it out here. If you’re not in Toronto or can’t make it out to Hot Docs, this film will be hitting the festival circuit so keep an eye out for it at a queer film fest in your city.


Oh and zzzzzzzzzzzzz …

Sleeping Puppy

I don’t know about you, but for me it’s been on heck of a loooooooong week and I’m hoping to steal a little puppy nap this weekend.

Enjoy the last days of April. TGIF.



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