Pics &
Things & stuff April 6th

Chris Pureka video:

Crooner Chris Pureka has released her latest video for “Shipwreck”. Wow, do I ever love Pureka’s voice.


Lip Service returns in the UK.

I shared cast pics last week, this week I have the official season 2 teaser:

I also have a bonus video featuring Ruta Gedmintas aka Frankie. I’m a Cat lover myself, but there is no denying that Frakie has her charms:


To Ellen Page with love.

Ellen Page kiss Drew Barrymore

Did I write “to Ellen Page with love”, I meant To Rome with Love, or did I? As I mentioned last week, Ellen Page stars in Woody Allen’s latest film To Rome With Love and the trailer is out now:

What do you think? Will you go see this one?


Zoie Palmer is such a chipmunk.

Zoie Palmer

Lost Girl star Zoie Palmer is involved in a project called Sex After Kids. that is currently trying for funding on Indie Go Go. Director Jeremy LaLonde and Palmer made some quirky funding goal promises, and now they’re making good on those promises. Which means we get to see this video Zoie roaming the city in a full sized chipmunk outfit. Love it.

Dr. Lauren Lewis makes an adorable chipmunk don’t you think?


Guerrilla Girl talk.

Guerrilla Girls

If you’re a fan of the infamous Guerrilla Girls you can check out this recent interview with artinfo.com.


Now let’s catch up on a week’s worth of lesbian webisodes:

B.J. Fletcher: Private Eye – Episode 3.4.

This one is for all the shoe lovers, and those who love the shoe lovers out there.


The Slope S02E04.

This one is a real homo-love-in, and if you’ve seen the show, you will know I say can only say that sarcastically.


Out With Dad P-flag episode part 2.

2.08 "Out with PFLAG Part II" by OutWithDad


The Newtown Girls S01E04.

This one is called “The Puppy Episode” – what more do you want?


Wrinkles are the best.

In honour of “The Puppy Episode” of The Newtown Girls I’m sharing a puppy pic that resembles how this week has made me feel – whew. Hopefully I’ll pep up in time for the chocolate egg hunt.

wrinkle faced dog

For those of you who have one coming up, enjoy your long weekend. TGIF!



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