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Things & stuff March 2nd

B.J. Fletcher tease.

March 3rd! That is the date that Season 3 of B.J. Flether: Private Eye is set to launch. Set a calendar reminder, or record yourself saying it into an over sized tape-recorder, however you want to remember it.

Here is the Season 3 trailer:


Indie Intertube Nominees.

Live streaming March 11th you can check out the 2nd Annual Indie Inertube Awards honoring independent web series creators. I’m planning to tune in so that I can virtually cheer for my webseries faves. So many queer webseries are nominated across almost every category. That’s what I like to see!

Girl Girl Scene

Congrats and good luck to Out With Dad, Venice the Series, Girl/Girl Scene, Seeking Simone, Good People in Love and Anyone But Me for being among the nominated.

For the full list, pop on over to Intertube.


Tegan & Sara work it.

Tegan & Sara have been promising more pop and they’re delivering the goods. Here they are working hard in Morgan Page’s Body Works:


New Uh Huh Her video.

“Wake To Sleep” is the latest Nocturnes track to get the video treatment. Recognize the featured dancer? It’s Sasha Mallory from So You Think You Can Dance fame.


The goods on Melissa Ferrick.

Lesbian folksinger Melissa Ferrick took the time before a Toronto gig to really offer up some in-depth insight into her musical history, her recent experiences teaching, and her latest album Still Right Here.

This is a must see video for Ferrick fans, and a great introduction if you’re not yet familiar.

I know what you’re wondering, and yes, Liz called ahead to plan a matching outfit. Ahem.


Live life lessons from Oprah.

oprah winfrey

Oprah has added Toronto to her Life Class Tour. Tickets are not cheap but they’re selling fast.


Martina Navratilova’s twinkle toes.

Martina Navratilova

On the theme of learning new things, tennis superstar Martina Navratilova has been announced as a contestant on the latest season of Dancing With the Stars. I’d love to see them pair up queer contestants with partners of the same sex. I wonder when network TV will be ready for that?


Mashing up gendered ads.

Lego for girls
Image courtesy of wordwolf.com

Jonathan McIntosh at rebelliouspixels.com has created a fun and enlightening gendered ad mash up app. See what happens when you take the audio for toys geared towards boys and overlay them on top of ads for toys marketed at girls.

This would be a great addition to High School Media classes non?


No More Potlucks.

No More Potluck Issue 20

The latest No More Potlucks is out!

Nomorepotlucks is a very cool, bilingual online and print (on demand) journal of politics, art and culture based in Montréal, Canada that is worth checking out.


Angelina Jolie’s Leg.

Angelina Jolie combined with her now signature Oscar pose have really offered the internet meme fodder for days! Have you seen all of these?

Angelina double right leg

Angelina Darth Vader

Too funny.


I’ll leave you with this video of comedian Sabrina Jalees talking about her father-in-law and his inability to “believe” in gay marriage.


Perhaps if you spend this weekend showing off your sexy right leg you might meet a nice gay ghost and settle down.

Happy Friday friends.



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