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2011′s greatest hits

The most popular content of 2011, as chosen by you!

You clicked, you tapped, you liked and you shared, and we’re so happy you did! Here is a small round-up of some of our most popular content of 2011. If the header image didn’t give it away already, our interview with out model/actress Jessica Clark is the top of our greatest hits list.

1. Jessica Clark Eyes The Big Screen

Yup, you love Jessica Clark you really do (and so do we). After all, what’s not to love? We had the pleasure of interviewing Jessica Clark back when she was debuting as an actor in director Stan’s short online film Sara. Jessica was really generous with her answers and shared great insights into the film and her character Lexus. It was a favourite when it was first posted in Feb 2011 and it continues to be a hit year later.

If you haven’t had a chance to read it, why not pop on over and give it a read now: Jessica Clark Eyes The Big Screen.

Sara film still - Lexus and Sara outside bar


2. Renée Olbert Battles Lesbian Web Stars

Seeking Simone star Renée Olbert took our camera on a behind the scenes journey with her to the insane lesbians-gone-wild event that is the Dinah Shore Weekend. This second segment (of the two part series) has Renee on stage battling other Lesbian Webseries Stars in strange competitions. Yes there are lots of bikinis, yes there is a cherry stem tying contest and yes Nicole Pacent was there.

If you haven’t seen this giggle inducing video, take a few minutes now to enjoy it:


3.Things & Stuff – Aug 26th

Late in the year we introduced a fluffy entertainment blog called Things & Stuff. Every Friday many of you take a few minutes here and there to catch up on the queer week that passed, but on Aug 26th you clicked en-mass to check out this particular blog entry featuring a little Michelle Tea / Valencia film news, some updates on the Lost Girl series as well as an inspiring TEDx video by Trey Anthony.

If you missed this particular entry then, go on and give it a look now: Things & Stuff – Aug 26th


4.The Dinah Zone

Not only did you get a kick out of Renée Olbert battling the other lesbian webseries stars on stage, you also enjoyed her behind the scenes diary documenting her arrival at the Dinah. This segment offers a great snapshot of the event and also features a fleeting but wonderful clip of Bridget McManus shaking it in spandex.

If you’d like to watch it right now, here it is:


5. A Decade of Dyke

Rounding out our top 5 is R. J. Martin‘s amazing gallery of Dyke March pics over the years. This gallery featured 10 years worth of pictures of the Toronto Dyke March and many of you enjoyed clicking your way though all 99 pics. Those of you who attended a few Dyke Marches in Toronto over the years may find yourself or your past crushes smiling for the camera.

Go on take another look: A Decade of Dyke.

Dykes on Bikes


Thanks for reading and viewing our content over the past year, we’re still just a wee site, but we’re gearing up to offer you even more original content in 2012. So feel free to let us know who or what you’d like to see more of on Queeriesmag in 2012.

Would you like to see more videos? More photos? More in depth articles? More interviews? More fluffy fun blogs? We want to know what will keep you coming back for more!



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