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The Peculiar Kind.

The Peculiar Kind

So far, so good. The Peculiar Kind dropped their first episode online and it’s slick, fun, interesting and informative. As an added bonus the TPK women are super crush worthy and we have a former Montréal-er in the mix. Mais oui!

Can’t wait to see more from this crew.


Cindy Sherman & Frida Kahlo.

Cindy Sherman

If checking out all the lovely NY women of The Peculiar Kind has you thinking a weekend trip to NY is in order I highly suggest heading over to the big apple soon. Why? Cindy Sherman, that’s why.

Sherman’s work is taking over the The MoMA February 26–June 11, 2012 with a retrospective featuring over 170 photographs and featuring some of her films. Very exciting.

While we’re talking major art shows, in case you have yet to hear, The Art Gallery of Ontario will be featuring a 75 piece retrospective of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera Oct 20. I’ll be there for sure. I’m personally hoping that What I saw In The Water will be a part of this retrospective, I can’t have a bath without looking at my feet and thinking of this piece, it just stays with me.

frida kahlo


Sinead O’Connor.

Sinead O'Connor

To me Sinéad O’Connor will forever be the beautiful young bald woman, tear rolling down her cheek, tearing up the picture of the Pope. Though as of late she only seems to make the news for silly personal things, it’s easy to forget she’s still making music. But she is, and the early buzz around her latest album is promising, and I am indeed interested in that news.

Here is a sneak peek:




Ok fans of MEN, you can go and download their new EP right now from itunes – 3 new songs for under $3.



Yup, I’m suggesting we take a little cry break. Toronto musicians The Crybreak have popped a live video up on YouTube and I wanted to share it here:

You’ll be happy to know that while I was watching this video the top recommended video beside it was a how to make The Crystal Hippie Bracelet video. Of course The Crystal Hippie Bracelet is rainbow coloured. Oh YouTube, you know me so well.


She will always be loved.

Whitney Houston

For those of you still processing the loss of Whitney Houston, Esquire posted a really gentle insight into Houston’s life from her former assistant and a very important person from Houston’s past Robyn Crawford.


Not So Private Eye.

Looking for a quick take on all the online spying bill that is in the news as of late? Rick Mercer says it like it is:


Operation Snatch.

Les Demimondes

If you are a fan of The Scandelles it’s time you met Operation Snatch. Les Demimondes marks The Scandelles first performance as Operation Snatch.

As the write up for this show explains, “The Scandelles have been on the vanguard of contemporary cabaret since 2000, with a string of sold out and critically acclaimed shows in Toronto and Montreal. This year, they have chosen to bid adieu to their company and begin anew as Operation Snatch.”

You can check out the new incarnation in TO March 2nd, 3rd and 4th at Buddies In Bad Times. Why? Because Alexandra Tigchelaar (Sasha Van Bon Bon) and Catherine Nimmo (Kitty Neptune) always manage to be both super smart and super sexy in all that they do.


Margaret Cho.

Margaret Cho lends her voice to the It Gets Better campaign:

And because you know I like to end things on a lighter note, here is Margaret Cho telling a classic tale of Beaver Fever:


Here’s hoping you stir up a little beaver fever of your own this weekend. Happy Friday!


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