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Queer hearted

Playful Valentine’s day cards for the ones that you adore.

It’s that time of year again. Now if you’re one of those folks who likes to send a little loving, here are a few fun card options from some pretty amazing artists.

The Portland Designer

Handsome queer designer Lisa Weiss (aka The Portland Designer) offers up a clean and smart take on the classic V-day card. You can check out the rest of her work on her main site, theportlanddesigner.com and find out more about her V-day cards on her blog.

portland designer Lifering


Candace Sepulis

Candace Sepulis cards

Guelph commercial artist, Candace Sepulis rocks a new school look and feel with the old school cut-out style of card. High res versions of these cards can be downloaded so that you can print them out and share them with friends & lovers alike.


Millie Jo

If you’re looking for a more obscene Valentine’s day card, Australian artist Millie Jo has just the thing for you, and you can order it right now on her etsy page.

Millie Jo


Elisha Lim

We have featured their cards before, but there are a few more additions to Lim’s collection worth checking out.

Elisha Lim card



Sissydude’s vintage inspired cards are still some of my favourites. This year the amazing and talented John Webster (who is the artist behind Sissydude) is offering high res downloads for ease of sharing, so I couldn’t resist showing his work again.

Sissydude Cards


Go on, slip somebody you adore some love in a delightfully queer way.


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