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New Madonna. Do you L-U-V it?

Let’s start off the top with some fluff. Here is the new Madonna video for her new single “Give Me All Your Luvin’”.

It’s a catchy tune and I love that M.I.A. is featured, but this video feels kinda like it’s striving for a bit of a strange take on 90′s girl power with a bit of Glee mashed in.

What can I say though, I still dig Madonna and will likely check out her Super Bowl half-time performance. How about you?

Ellen vs. Michelle Obama.

There is something very special about a gay talk show host having a push up-off with the First Lady of the US of A.

The Brown Grrlz Project.

The Brown Grrlz Project is a collective dedicated to the advancement of “femme of centre” cis womyn, queer womyn, two-spirit people, intersex people, trans folks of colour.” They’ve started this pretty cool tumblr: thebrownggrrlzproject.tumblr.com

Brown Grrlz Tumblr image

The Peculiar Kind.

There is a new webseries for queer women of color launching Feb 15th called The Peculiar Kind. It “candidly explores the lives and experiences of queer women of color with eye-opening and unscripted conversations.” Nice.


Elisha Lim and Coco Riot are keeping up the pace with their Call Me They tumblr and since I really enjoyed this week’s post, I had to share it here:

He’s your man.

Recently we sat down with The Cliks front man Lucas Silveira, if you haven’t seen the video already, here it is:

Loving that acoustic cover of Leonard Cohen’s I’m Your Man.

One In Every Crowd

Even though I have mentioned that Ivan Coyote’s new book will be coming out in April 2012 a new larger cover image for One In Every Crowd has been released and I just had to post it (nice illustration work Elisha Lim):

One In Every Crowd

This book is right up there with Alison Bechdel’s Are You My Mother as one of my most anticipated books of 2012.

Big words.

I like a woman who uses big words. Yet, I’m not entirely sure I’m ready to commit to this.

Large Scrabble game

Might some of you out there want to impress your word-nerd sweetheart with this giant wall mounted Scrabble game? Not sure how many would still be into it after seeing the $12 000 price tag though. Ouch.

What does it feel like?

The LGBT Youthline asked queer kids what homophobia feels like.
Here are some of their responses:

Bad Girls on NBC? Eeep.

British prison drama Bad Girls is slated to be given the American treatment. When they first announced a remake in 2008, 6 Feet Under‘s Allan Ball was attached to the project, as was HBO. As a fan of the original series, Allan Ball and more lesbian content on TV, I was excited. Yes, even though the Americanization of shows very rarely improves upon or compares to the original British versions (Queer as Folk, Skins etc.).

But now Afterellen has reported that NBC is attached to this remake and Allan Ball is no longer in the picture, and we’re all concerned about what this means for Nikki and Helen’s love story. Are you?

Helen and Nikki

For those of you who haven’t seen the UK series Bad Girls, it was a rough around the edges prison drama from the late 90′s. Helen is the prison Wing Governor and Nikki is a prisoner. Here is a quick fan video mash up to help get you on board (obviously this is ALL spoilers if you haven’t seen the series):

Sloth love.

I’m not talking about slow lovin’ here. I’m talking about the kick ass Veronica Mars star Kristin Bell‘s tear inducing crazy (in a good way) love for sloths. Who knew?


May your weekend be full of so much excitement you can barely handle it!
Happy Friday everybody.


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