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Top dancefloor tracks of 2011

DJ Cozmic Cat’s 2011 dancefloor fun-five list:

1. “212″ by Azealia Banks

She’s fun, she’s fierce and 2012 will be the year she blows the roof off. This is a straight-up booty-shakin’ party jam. I have a soft spot for good female MCs, and this Banks makes the grade. 


2. ”Millie Vanillie” by Green Velvet

This is such a great simple song. Original and deeply catchy with late-night feel. I can’t help but love those throw-back drums and sexy male vocals.


3. “I Am the Beat” (Treasure Fingers Remix) by Louisahhh!

I was feeling this track so much last year. Louisahhh! comin’ fresh from Turntable Lab in LA. She was a guest DJ on my online radio show (on Sceedle) after we gigged together in Philly. She’s talented and sweet. Nice touch by Treasure Fingers on this remix. This one will move you.


4. “Hangover” (Bababa) by Buraka Som Sistema

A straight-up anthem for big blowouts last year. I love the twisted Brazilian Buraka sound.

*Oh, and if you want an insanely fun show, don’t miss them Jan 13 in Toronto @ the Wrongbar, with Push It resident DJ Lucie Tic alongside Ottawa’s native DJ crew Tribe Called Red.


5. “Shady Love” by Sister Scissors, ft Crystal Pepsi

Okay, so I’m cheating with this one. I think this is actually a 2012 tune, but it’s so awesome and fun I wanted to list it here. This song is made for the dancefloor, and though it’s not that typical Sister Scissors sound, it’s still so pop and party. This track is written by Azealia Banks and Boys Noize — can’t go wrong there.


+ Bonus guilty pleasure banger:

“Superbass” by Nicki Minaj

She proved with “Monster” she had a slicker flow than both Jay-Z AND Yeezy, so when she drops a pure pop bubble like this, it’s all good.

[Editor:] Love these tracks? TO folks can expect jams like these and more at Cozmic Cat’s new monthly event, Push It. The official launch is on Friday, Jan 27 at Slack’s (563 Church St), with DJ Lucie Tic.

To keep up with what else Cozmic is busy with (and she keeps busy), check out her site.


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