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Things & stuff – Nov 11th

Vag Halen, Tina Cesa Ward, a new She King track + more.

Ok so I have been super swamped with my regular day job as of late and haven’t been able to give Queeriesmag the attention it deserves, but I’m back now!

As it happens, the work that I have been busy with took me to LA, and since I happened to be in WeHo while the infamous Juicy party was happening, I had to check it out for all of you. This is a Whitney Mixter (The Real L Word) hosted party and it features DJ Lezlee & DJ Asha from KYSS. And what a party it is!

Juicy flyer

I’ll write more about it later, but for now I’ll say if you’re into a big dance-club full of lovely, lovely ladies and quality mash up tunes you’ll love this event.

While I was in LA Power Up also had their award gala, unfortunately for me I was unable to attend. However amazing nominees like Jessica Clark were there rocking the red carpet (and challenging perceptions through their film work).

Power Up Gala

You can read the Power Up gala tribute book to learn more about the event and the nominees.

Now back to rocking parties on the home front.

Vag Halen

Vag Halen (yes I said Vag) made their Steers and Queers debut at the Dakota last night. Here is a fan vid of them performing:

If you have an eye for spotting hot local queers you’ve likely already spotted Katie Sketch (The Organ) , Jen Marko (Dance Yourself To Death) and Vanessa Dunn (B.J. Fletcher Private Eye) on lead vocals.

What a line up!

While we’re talking about B.J. Fletcher, the giggle inducing women over at Seeking Simone gave a wee nod to Fletcher in their latest episode. Have you seen it yet? It is pretty sitcom-riffic:

So what else is Seeking Simone’s Renée Olbert up to? She’s starring in a new Tina Cesa Ward (Anyone But Me) web drama called Good People In Love.

Here is the trailer:

Oh the drama!

Kim K NoH8

Speaking of drama, while I’m not interested in talking about the Kardashian divorce, I must confess I calculated how long I have been married in Kardashian years. Does that make me a bad person?

From media princesses to She Kings.

She King

Local rockers She King have a new track to share with you:

Also on the music front Kathleen Hanna’s The Julie Ruin is in the studio and they’re sharing pics on their site.

The Julie Ruin
Photo credit: Aliya Naumoff

How many of you are super pumped for this album?

Jeanette Winterson

If you are a Jeanette Winterson fan I urge you to read this amazing piece she wrote for the Guardian about her experience growing up and her challenging relationship to her mother. Brutally honest, moving, insightful, fully inspirational. What a talent Winterson is.

Remembrance day

Today is 11:11:11 and it is Remembrance Day, and though I have conflicted feelings about war throughout history, I always go to a local Remembrance Day ceremony with my partner to take a moment to reflect. Have you done the same in your own way?

In order to wrap things up on a lighter note, as I always endeavor to do…

I joked about ending every blog with a Muppets reference. I do assure you that it was *meant* to be a joke, really it was. Yet how can I ignore the current FB campaign to have the Muppets host the Oscars this year?

Vote Green

Though it has been announced that Billy Crystal has been invited back to host, what can I say I still hold out hope for Kermit – I’m voting green for sure (no offense Billy).

Ok everybody, it does seem with every leaf that hits the ground, that winter is indeed on it’s way, so stay warm this weekend. FYI – a good ole fashioned way to do so is the classic puppy pile.

Puppy Pile

As always, enjoy your Friday.


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