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Madison Violet, Janina Gavankar and the Gemini Awards.

Okay, Seeking Simone fans, if you haven’t watched it already or if you’re already hankering to watch it again, the newest episode is up. That’s right: Simone is back and this time she is seeking some sexy times with her *ahem* winning lines. You’ll have to see it to believe it.

The BJ Fletcher: Private Eye folks mentioned they had the lovely Renée Olbert on set while they were filming their third season last week. I wonder what that collaboration will bring? The Fletcher crew also shared a few behind-the-scenes pics of Season 3 filming.

BJ Fletcher

You can find this and a few other pics here.

Another web-series fave, Nicole Pacent, is returning to the stage, rehearsing in Chicago for I Hate Tommy Finch. What the heck is I Hate Tommy Finch, you ask? It is a play and a new-media project – you can find out more about it on their site.

Nicole Pacent

If you’re in Anyone But Me withdrawal, it looks like Nicole Pacent will be back online in a new role soon!

While we’re talking withdrawal… I don’t know about you, but I have been seriously addicted to Madison Violet‘s No Fool for Trying. If digital files could get worn out, mine would be faded to nothing, I’m sure, which is why I’m super excited to have a new album to spin on repeat.

The Good in Goodbye

The new album is called The Good in Goodbye and features Brenley MacEachern and Lisa MacIsaac’s signature sweet harmonies. You can preview the whole album on the True North site..

I would also highly recommend checking them out live if you can. These ladies know how to put on a show! They’re currently playing album-release gigs in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick and will follow them up with a Toronto show at Hugh’s Room. They’ll be playing West Coast gigs early next year after they return from Europe.

They don’t have any of the new songs up on YouTube yet, but here is one of my faves from No Fool:

D'bi Yong

A few years back I had the pleasure of seeing d’bi young perform live, and damn — she blew the audience away. So it’s great news to hear she’s in the studio working on a new disc.

Is anybody else thinking what I’m thinking? A Saul Williams and d’bi young duet would be incredible. I’m putting that out into the universe. Universe, are you listening?

Janina Gavankar

I’m going to suspect the universe is listening to Janina Gavankar fans. When she joined the cast of True Blood I started following her on Twitter. What I discovered is that Janina is wonderfully nerdy and has a lot of fun with her Twitter account, which, of course, had me wanting to know what else this former L Word star was up to. Then one Google search led to another (you know how it goes), and I found this:

Ummm, how did I not know that Janina was also working on a music career? For those of you who enjoyed the track, you can download it free from Sound Cloud.


Speaking of music careers, TIFF guest Madonna is going to throw her focus back on hers. She has announced plans for a new disc in 2012.

Pariah Poster

That’s right, TIFF is finally here! I have my tickets for Pariah, and Titus Androgynous is set to check out Glenn Close’s Albert Nobbs. Reviews to follow.

Stargazers are out in full force at TIFF; however, we here at Queeriesmag enjoyed our own little stargazing opportunity the other night at the Geminis. Red-carpet interviewer Liz Stembridge had the opportunity to chat with lots of great local talents, including Lauren Lee Smith (The Listener, The L Word), Erin Karpluk (Being Erica), Rick Mercer, Annie Clark (Fiona from Degrassi) and a few others who took the time to stop and say hello. We’ll be sharing those interviews with you soon, but in the meantime I’ll share a few exclusive pics.

Munro and Annie from Degrassi

Lauren Lee Smith, Liz Stembridge and Craig O

Want to see more? You can find the full gallery here. Yes, this gallery includes a pic of Russell Peters making inappropriate “lesbian” hand gestures.

Have a great weekend gazing at whatever stars make you the happiest, whether they’re on a red carpet, a big screen, a stage, in your kitchen or in the late summer night sky.

I’ll leave you with another free Melissa Ferrick track to download (she’ll be playing at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto on Wednesday, Sept 14 and plays the Media Club in BC on Wednesday, Oct 12):


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