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Vote Mobs!

We have a federal election on May 2: do you care?

I know many of you are reading up on the issues and preparing to cast your ballot, but I also know that some of you are feeling uninspired about this upcoming election. To help, I’ve gathered up some videos of people who are bringing the “party” back into politics. Perhaps they’ll inspire you to vote, or perhaps they’ll simply add some pep to your walking-to-the-ballot-box step.

It all started with a handsome homo (Rick Mercer) and his rant:

Then the vote mobs started!

Rick challenged the youth and the youth were up to the challenge – they organized, they mobilized and they posted exciting, relevant, fun videos to prove it.

Carleton University:

University of Guelph:

University of Victoria:

McGill University:

And if you’re wondering what Rick Mercer thinks about all these vote mobs:

To keep this feel-good voting vibe going, here are a few more inspiring videos:

Perhaps a good folk song would inspire you?

Or maybe you’re wanting to reject the tactic of targeting the so-called ethnic vote?

It doesn’t matter what motivates you to take to the polls, just get there. The federal election is May 2 and every vote counts – get out there and have your say!

For more information about university vote mobs in Canada, check out the Lead Now site.

If you are not sure where your polling station is, how to go about registering or how to cast your vote, check out the official Elections Canada site – it’s not sexy, but all the answers are there.

AND if you’re feeling inspired to start some queer vote mobs – get out there and do it, document it and send it our way!


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