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I love my community. I really do.

Growing into the happy, well-adjusted queer that I fancy myself to be has been an amazing experience. This has been possible because I’ve been very lucky. I’ve been lucky to have found the friends that I have found, the support that I have needed and, most importantly, I’ve been lucky to have had all the fun I’ve had (and still continue to have).

I know that this isn’t everybody’s experience, and so I’m always looking for ways to give back — to make things better. Whether that means dressing up in absurd outfits and bowling until the “bowler’s butt” sets in to raise money for SOY,  doing artist workshops with queer youth, donating artwork to art auctions or even drawing maps to the West End for the lost out-of-town lesbians in search of the ladies. I’m trying, with many others, to leave this community in better shape than I found it.

That is what brings me to this site. So many people kept approaching me, asking when somebody was going to make a magazine for queer Canadian women, and I was feeling the same way. I wanted a magazine that would highlight all kinds of amazing queers. One that would cover entertainment and talk about representation in the media, but that would also cover history, health, gender, dating, families, renos, travel and style — and do it all with a bent Canadian perspective.

So I’ve done my best to write “the book that I want to read,” which is actually a magazine, (and an online magazine at that), but I’d like to think the sentiment is still the same.

I’m hoping that we can turn this into the site we’ve all been waiting for.

Thanks for reading!

Suzy Malik


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