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Queeries Mag Site Update

Pink Triangle Press will no longer be updating Queeries Mag. All Queeries content will continue to be available on queeriesmag.com until it is migrated to the new Daily Xtra website (dailyxtra.com).


Things & stuff March 8th

Happy International Women’s Day! To celebrate I’m going to do what I do every week, share exciting little tid-bits about all the wonderful queers out there, which always includes sharing in the love of many wonderful women. – “When you can, say something.” Off the top, I had to share this video that is making [...]


An atheist at AA

Embarrassment of Bitches: An atheist at AA. My father is a Benedictine oblate. He teaches Christian meditation. When I was home over Christmas we had a conversation about the universal human condition of feeling like a fraud. He can’t reconcile the fact that people see him as a source of inspiration. He has the same [...]


Forbidden Love 20 years later

I first saw Forbidden Love: The Unashamed Stories of Lesbian Lives in a U of T class dedicated to lesbian short story, fiction and film. The course was a short-lived seminar populated almost entirely by baby dykes in various stages of out-ness. As we mainlined all the lesbionic content our prof could push our way, [...]


Dyke March volunteer session

Volunteer to help make the Toronto Dyke March happen. There is a volunteer information session this Saturday February the 23rd at the 519 (on Church St.). It’s a drop in from 1:00 – 3:00pm in room 303. You can ask questions, and mingle among the cute activist queers that are sure to pop in. So [...]